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Teeth Whitening

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Interested in whitening your teeth?

Here are some options for you to choose from:


Boost: (40% Hydrogen Peroxide)

  • Expect fast results with more concentrated sessions
  • 2 visits with up to 3 rounds each of 15 minutes
  • What happens during my appointment?
    • We isolate your tissue from your teeth, take before photos and determine what shade your teeth are before you begin the whitening process
    • We then apply the whitening solution to the front surfaces of your teeth and let the solution work for 15 minutes
    • After 15 minutes we remove the solution and, with your consent, begin another 15 minute round
  • If you experience any immediate "zingers", we apply fluoride varnish (at no additional cost) to help ease the sensitivity
  • Post- op sensitivity is normal and will most likely last for 24 hours. If needed you can take OTC pain relievers (i.e., Ibuprofen)
  • You can choose to make another appointment in a few weeks for your second visit


Whitening Trays: (9.5% Hydrogen Peroxide)

  • We will take molds of your teeth and fabricate a set of soft, plastic trays that you can re-use and apply the whitening gel to your teeth. Whitening trays may take up to 2 weeks to deliver
  • To use, apply small dot of whitening gel inside the trays on the surface that will touch the front sides of your teeth. (Note - you do NOT need to overload the tray with whitening gel to achieve a "whiter" smile.)
  • Wear trays with whitening solution for 30 minutes
  • After 30 minutes has passed rinse/ brush your teeth and trays with warm water. If you experience sensitivity, stop using for a few days
  • Store extra bleach in the refrigerator. Be aware of its expiration date
  • Trays can be kept for a many years (as long as teeth positions and shape do not change). Whitening solution can be purchased as needed

Crest Whitening strips: (14% Hydrogen Peroxide) (Our most popular option!)

  • Crest whitestrips professional grade (4x stronger than OTC), 42 days-worth of whitestrips
  • To use: dry teeth and smooth strips over teeth with fingers. Leave on for 30 minutes then take off and rinse/ brush teeth with warm water
  • You can use all 84 strips consecutively or use as many strips until your achieve desired look and store extras for future touch up. If you experience sensitivity, stop using for a few days

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