Stress-Free Dentistry with a Gentle Touch

For us, dentistry is personal. It is all about changing a person’s perspective about themselves and the reflection of others. We don't just “fix” a person’s smile; instead, we rebuild a person’s persona. We create confidence and work together to mend internal damages, providing a bridge for the gaps that have grown deep. What we do in dentistry goes beyond just creating a better smile; but rather a better mind, body, and spirit. We heal the soul and give people a reason to be joyful. In today’s society, a smile is the constant reminder that things we will be okay, and that is power like no other.

Go Family Dentistry is your go-to office for all your dental care and cosmetic aesthetic needs! We are family minded, professional, considerate, accommodating, kind, energetic, careful, technological footprint, focused, skilled, and so much more. We are embedded within the community of Renton and we champion the legacy created and curated in 2001 when we first opened. Our dentists are empowered and diverse. We proudly partner with and serve our LGBTQ community and are immigrant inspired, owned, and operated.

Patient Perks at Go Family Dentistry

Here at Go, we offer comforting amenities to make your visit a pleasant experience. For many of our guests, these little luxuries help reduce anxiety. Our reception areas are designed to encourage relaxation. Let us know how we can help you feel at home.

Each patient is offered a Peace of Mind Menu at the beginning of each visit, where they can select what items they would like, from a blanket, earplugs, private music, pillow, calming scents, and so much more. All of these amenities are designed to make your stay with us more agreeable–but we don’t stop there!

In our office, it is customary to find spa-like services that are offered in in our office, typical to the wide-ranging services offered in any other type of day spa.

  • Relaxation and massage therapies
  • Paraffin wax hand treatments
  • Aromatherapy
  • Neck pillows, fleece blankets, heated hand mitts, etc.
  • Complimentary beverages and snacks
  • Music headphones
  • Entertainment (movie/video goggles, virtual reality glasses, flat screen TVs, overhead chairside TVs with remote control, etc.)
  • Reflexology
  • Pre-treatment meditation and breath work
  • Special sound-wave massage chairs before and after treatment
  • Facials

Here at Go Family Dentistry, our patients are treated to hotel-style concierge services (dental staff making your dinner reservations, taking your cell-phone calls, babysitting or dog sitting, and ordering in food for you); complimentary shuttle service to and from the practice; and “parting gifts” such as a bouquet of roses, specialty wines, and customized CDs burned with your favorite tunes.

We proudly serve the working families of Seattle and the surrounding cities. Located on Lake Washington’s most southern tip, right in Boeings’ backyard, Go Family Dentistry is here at The Landing, centered directly in the heart of Renton, Washington.